Penn State Smeal EMBA Community

Overview of the community within the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program in Philadelphia.

From the driven students all around you to the leading faculty and dedicated support staff who travel to Philadelphia each class weekend, this is a tight-knit Penn State Smeal Executive MBA community committed to helping you take the next step in your career. It's a community that only grows in stature after graduation as you join the global Penn State alumni network.

Explore: Get a closer look at our community by visiting our EMBA Experience website, which takes you to the Chubb Hotel & Conference Center to hear from students, faculty, and alumni. 

  • A Diverse Cohort - The Smeal EMBA is a cohort-model program that brings together an incredibly diverse group of mid-career professionals who learn as much from each other over the course of the program as they do from the professors. Cohorts include individuals with experiences as diverse as healthcare and manufacturing, U.S. and international, finance and sales so that class discussions are wide ranging and instructive, breaking you out of your own industry silos.
  • Team up for Success - Smeal EMBA students are organized onto teams through their time in the program. Teams change a few times throughout the program to make sure you have the chance to work with many different people and practice the team building skills you are learning in class. The teams are also created with an eye to the particular skillsets of members. This way, if you struggled in statistics, there is likely someone on your team who is good in that area and can help you, while you will help them in a later class that plays to your strengths. 

Course weekends at the Chubb Hotel & Conference Center are designed to allow for collaboration, interaction, and deeper engagement in projects and materials. Residency experiences on Penn State's University Park campus and the weeklong global immersion further strengthen the bonds of the community in the program.