EMBA Faculty

Overview of faculty who teach in the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program in Philadelphia.

Top faculty from Penn State's University Park campus travel across the state to Philadelphia to teach in the Smeal Executive MBA. They also reside on site at the hotel and conference center for each weekend of the program, providing students with unparalleled access.

"The professors are committed to making the educational experience rewarding, demanding, and practical. The program will change the way you think in a way that makes you more effective as a manager and a leader."
Jeffrey Miller '10, Physician, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Our faculty members are award winners, consultants to government and the world's top companies, and professors in the college's internationally ranked on-campus MBA Program. These are engaging teachers who have extensive experience working with executive-level students, including:

  • Forrest BriscoeFormer consultant at John Snow Inc. in Boston and winner of the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Industry Studies Fellowship.
  • Keith Crocker: Former economist at the Federal Trade Commission and an expert witness in cases involving antitrust and insurance concerns.
  • Lou GattisFaculty director for Penn State Smeal MBA and EMBA programs with 15 years of career experience in corporate finance and investment management.
  • Dennis Gioia: Former Boeing aerospace engineer on the Apollo lunar program and problem analyst with Ford Motor Company, with an expertise in cognitive processes in organizations. 
  • Dan Givoly: A Certified Public Accountant (Israel) and expert on financial reporting and disclosures, effects of financial information on capital markets, analysts forecasts of earnings, and firm valuation.
  • Andy Gustafson: Director of the Smeal MBA Communications Program with expertise in oral, written, and graphic presentation strategies and skills.
  • Donald Hambrick: Winner of the prestigious Academy of Management Distinguished Educator Award and author of the widely noted worldwide study of executive leadership Reinventing the CEO.
  • Stephen Humphrey: Alvin H. Clemens Professor of Management and member of the Academy of Management and INGroup with expertise in teamwork and the drivers of team success
  • Aparna Joshi: An Arnold Family Professor of Management, Joshi has received many accolades for her work in diversity and gender dynamics and her research has been featured in publications such as USA Today and the Times of India
  • Eunice Kim: Assistant professor of marketing with published research in the area of consumer decision making. She has been featured in the Journal of Consumer Psychology and the Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Tony Kwasnica: Director of the Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions (LEMA), Penn State's only dedicated experimental economics laboratory, and expert on microeconomic theory, game theory, and experimental economics. 
  • John Liechty: Professor of marketing with extensive experience in developing solutions for top investment banks and marketing research firms. 
  • Nancy Mahon: Former director of public relations efforts for a Long Island, NY school system and an expert in oral, written, and presentational business communications.
  • Jeanette Miller: Assistant clinical professor of management and organization and associate director of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Vilmos Misangyi: Chair of the Penn State Smeal Department of Management and Organization, former director of financial analysis and planning for the Carvel Corporation, with expertise in strategic decision-making, planning, and analysis.
  • Andrew Petersen: Associate professor of marketing with previously published research in journals including Journal of Marketing, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, The Wall Street Journal, and more.
  • Nick PetruzziChair of the Penn State Smeal Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems, and expert of operations management, pricing models, and Stochastic Inventory Theory. 
  • Sajay Samuel: Extensively published clinical professor of management accounting with research interests in political philosophy and history.
  • Chloe Tergiman: Expert on the relationship between human behavior and economic theory, including the dynamics of entrepreneurship, bargaining and legislative decision making.
  • Albert Vicere: Leadership consultant to numerous firms including BASF, Cisco Systems, McDonald’s, Samsung, and Unilever, and the author of the books Leadership by Design and The Many Facets of Leadership.
  • Hui Zhao: Associate professor of supply chain & information systems, Robert G. and Caroline Schwartz Fellow with expertise in healthcare; pharmaceuticals; and incentives and contracts.