Penn State Smeal EMBA Experience

An overview of the educational experience within the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program in Philadelphia with details on aspects such as the first- and second year curriculum.

The Penn State Smeal Executive MBA curriculum was developed with a focus on strategic leadership and in consultation with industry partners. We have designed our curriculum so that you can tackle substantial business challenges and readily apply class content to issues from your own organization.

Smeal EMBA students begin their course of study by taking classes in all the foundational areas of business, from financial accounting to communication and from marketing analytics to supply chain management. As the program progresses, students begin to bring all those skillsets together so that they gain the capacity to lead from an understanding of how all the areas of the business work together to support strategic direction. They become strategic leaders.

Following commencement, Smeal EMBA students may wish to further specialize their skillset by taking advantage of Smeal's exclusive portfolio of online graduate certificate programs.