Online Graduate Certificates

An overview of the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA online graduate certificate options.

The Penn State Smeal Executive MBA provides unmatched flexibility and value by offering Executive MBA students the option to earn one specialized graduate certificate at no additional tuition cost.

Programs are offered online in partnership with Penn State World Campus and are primarily taught by the same faculty who teach Penn State University Park programs. Online offerings from Penn State and Smeal allow you to continue your full-time employment and advance in your career as you build your skills. Many graduate certificates provide a bridge to the completion of an additional master's degree from Smeal.

Smeal EMBA students may choose from 12 available certificates to work toward during the program or start and earn one after fully graduating from the program. Students who choose the latter will still need to complete six - 12 credits of online coursework in the last two semesters to complete the program.

For those who want to continue to further advance their business knowledge and lifelong learning journey, Smeal also offers the option for EMBA students to pursue a concurrent Penn State degree, cutting down on the time and total cost.

Accounting Foundations

Cultivate the skills to develop and interpret accounting systems that collect and organize data about business transactions and activities, measure performance, communicate business plans and outcomes, and support decision-making.

Business Analytics

Develop the quantitative and managerial skills for exploring and analyzing complex data sets to support data-driven business decisions. 

Business Architecture

Align an organization’s strategic objectives with tactical enterprise-level projects and technology initiatives to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the business itself.

Business Sustainability Strategy

Prepares you to develop a sustainability plan for any size or type of organization, from startup to global corporation.

Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Cultivate expertise in the techniques, strategies, and business fundamentals required to create, innovate, and sustain new products and services in a variety of industry domains.

Management Consulting

Achieves client goals and objectives by identifying and defining organizational challenges, transforming business models, restructuring their workforce and processes, and advising upon corporate growth and change.

Marketing Analytics

Delivers core marketing analytics knowledge needed to influence marketing strategy and decision-making in today’s data-driven business environment.

Negotiation and Influence

Designed to blend in-depth information about negotiations, power, and influence with hands-on, trial-and-error learning to help you develop strong negotiation skills.

Real Estate Law and Valuation

Several areas of law intersect with real property such as taxation, family law, estate planning, litigation, corporate practice, and more. Students will be able to successfully navigate legal challenges within real property, understand valuation and feel comfortable negotiating real estate deals.  This certificate will also provide business managers with the tools and skills necessary to interact with the real estate industry to efficiently utilize their firms' real estate assets.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Risk Management is becoming increasingly essential for supply chains. Supply chain disruptions have been frequent, impactful, and often public in the recent past. This certificate addresses the need for better understanding and expertise with the tools of risk management as applied to supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management

Smeal is a leader in supply chain education, ranked No. 1 by practitioners and academics. Build competence across the foundations of supply chain management to help manage and enhance the value of today’s complex supply chains.


Designed for professionals in accounting, financial, and legal roles, this certificate will provide knowledge surrounding tax laws and regulations. Students will have the ability to select from five courses to fulfill the credential requirements.