Employers of Penn State Smeal EMBA Students

Overview of the benefits to companies with employees who are students in the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program in Philadelphia.

Companies like Deloitte, General Electric, and Johnson & Johnson are just a few of the leading organizations whose employees have been represented in the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program over the past decade. The participation of your emerging leader in the Smeal EMBA experience offers enormous benefits including:

  • Practical and applicable insights from student-completed, company-focused projects,
  • Business knowledge from a top research university to help address your critical challenges, and
  • The emergence of a leader poised to assume greater responsibility in your organization are just a few of the advantages of enrollment.

The Penn State Smeal Executive MBA Program welcomes referrals from alumni and others who may know of candidates who would contribute to and benefit from our outstanding faculty, curriculum, and learning experience.

Applicable Course Work

Smeal EMBA classes are structured to provide students with the opportunity to address the problems, challenges, and tactical situations your firm faces daily. Project work also allows students to further assess corporate strategies and supply new insights on how to improve.

  • First-Year Capstone Project: With insights from faculty and fellow students, the project results in a comprehensive view of the company, the competition, and the market landscape, as well as a series of recommendations based on the student's analyses.
  • Individual and Team Consulting Projects: In the second year, students address key strategic issues from sponsoring firms. For example, one team in a recent class restructured the aluminum purchasing contracts for a sponsoring firm using hedging strategies. This resulted in $750,000 in annual savings.

Stronger Employees

The Penn State experience aids in succession planning, giving you the opportunity to identify and train future leaders of the firm from within and save time and money spent on recruiting, hiring, and training.

  • Employees continue working while obtaining their MBAs. Skills learned are immediately applicable on the job, providing your company with a more rounded employee in real time.
  • Our curriculum and program focus create a more confident, motivated leader with broad-based and general managerial competencies addressed.
  • The award-winning communications course enhances oral and written presentation skills.
  • The international residency experience exposes employees to best practices of global companies.

Networking Opportunities

Within Penn State and Smeal, students will have the opportunity to build powerful connections with a network of peers, faculty, and alumni. This is a network that they can continue to leverage long after graduation.

  • Employees attend class with other emerging leaders in an environment where potential business opportunities are fostered.
  • Classes are taught by internationally ranked Penn State Smeal faculty.
  • The program opens access to industry-supported research centers based at Smeal, which are focused on issues such as supply chain management and business-to-business marketing.

Flexible Payment Approaches

Payment schedules can be arranged to fit with your firm's fiscal budget cycle. Costs can spread over several fiscal years or budget periods, and they are tax deductible. Innovative financing arrangements can ensure employees bear the cost if they leave the firm after finishing the program.